Finally, Healthy and Delicious On-The-Go Nutrition That Keeps Your Tummy, Energy, and Waistline Happy

Prevent The Hunger Monster
From Sabotaging Your Waistline
With Our Convenient and
Delicious High Protein, High
Fiber All-Day Energy Bars

I get it…

You’re busy and pressed for time, yet you still care about your health. You want to look good and feel even better. So do we.

But there’s still a big obstacle standing in your way of easier weight loss and better health.
As you’ve likely experienced, it’s one thing to eat well at home…

But when you’re “on the go” there are only so many apples, nuts, and chopped up veggies you can munch on before your body wants something more tasty and substantial.

And you certainly don’t want to rely on sugary snacks, tasteless protein bars, or processed, trans-fat laden fast foods to fill that gap (or your waistline).

The Problem We All Face is Quite Simple

Finding time and healthy ways to satiate our hunger and fuel our body in the midst of a busy and demanding lifestyle is quite frankly…a big challenge.

And the sad news is that, by no fault of their own, most people have now traded their health for convenience. Go to any fast food court or exit your local highway and you’re unlikely to find any healthy food option that won’t make you fatter and drain your energy.

The price of these typical convenient meals is an ever-expanding waistline, higher medical bills, shorter life spans, and feeling drained and lethargic.

Yes, it’s a lot easier to grab a burger, pizza, or muffin when you’re in a pinch. Making healthy meals obviously takes a few more minutes than pulling up at a drive-thru window.

I’ve got 3 kids and I’m super busy so I know that having to worry about finding access to healthy, high-quality food—especially while out and about—just adds one more challenge to your already-overloaded plate.

The Shameful Night in Atlanta That Forever
Changed My Life – And Now Yours

A little while ago, my wife Amy and I decided to escape the cold winter in Toronto and drive down to Florida with our 2 young boys (we’ve since added one more). A long 24-hour drive I would highly not recommend.

Before leaving home we knew that food would be an issue. And so we prepared as many healthy snacks as we could – veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, and homemade travel meals.

Trouble was that we consumed most of that food within the first 12 hours of our drive!

We stopped at the occasional grocery store to restock but soon found ourselves struggling for good healthy options, especially for our 2 young boys – Oscar and Luca.

After one and a half days of driving, we made our way through the state of Georgia and approached the outskirts of Atlanta around 9pm.

And that’s when it happened…

Our 2 boys had woken up from their car nap and were starting to lose their marbles because they were hungry. Their screeching cries were like pins being pushed into my ears. My heart was racing and my blood was starting to boil.

Amy and I were starting to panic.

The louder their cries, the heavier my foot seemed to fall into the gas pedal. We were flying down the highway and in desperate need of food.

Finally, we got off the highway hoping to find a decent restaurant.


And then…it appeared like a rainbow on a sun-filled rainy day.

In the distance, I saw the golden arches of…you guessed it…McDonalds’.

At this point, I had 2 options: let my kids starve and deal with their crying until morning or pull into McDonalds’ and get them something to eat.

As a New York Times best-selling nutrition author and renowned health and fitness expert, I’m sure you can appreciate the dilemma I faced.

And the decision I was about to make haunted me for months to come because I reluctantly pulled into McDonalds’, parked the car, stomped into the McD’s and ordered each of my kids a Happy Meal.

It was far from my finest moment.

As we sat there watching our kids inhale their burger and fries, I felt like a massive failure. How could I have let this happen?

Sure it was only a one-time occurrence but we certainly couldn’t rely on fast food for the rest of our trip, could we?

As I got back in the car, a switch flipped in my head. I looked over at Amy and said, “There’s no way this can ever happen again!”

I vowed then and there that we would do something about it.

And that’s exactly what happened…

Convenient And Delicious Whole Food Nutrition
That Keeps You Going For Hours


Meet The Brains Behind The Bars

Hey, I’m Yuri Elkaim and this is my wife Amy. I’m a NY Times best selling nutrition author and renowned health and fitness expert. I’ve been featured on Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and have helped over 500,000 people to better health over the past two decades. Amy is my secret weapon. Not only is she my sidekick holistic nutritionist, she’s also a wizard in the kitchen, and has largely been responsible for ensuring our 3 young boys are well fed every day.

We both love great food and we value our health. And because we were disappointed by the taste and quality of most energy and protein bars available today, we developed our own. We didn’t cut any corners and we (specifically Amy) didn’t rest until it was perfected. After months of hard work, we present a tasty and healthy all-day energy bar that we know you will love and one that we feel 100% comfortable giving to our kids.

After that fateful event, Amy and I took matters into our own hands to create a whole food-based, high protein, and high fiber energy bar that tastes great and prevents the “hunger monster” from forcing you into bad food choices.

We developed a delicious on the go “meal” that is loaded with quality nutrition and that our kids would love. And boy, do they ever.

With so many energy and protein bars on the market that either didn’t taste good or were loaded with nasty ingredients, we committed ourselves to creating something special…

…A wholesome energy bar that isn’t loaded with junk, artificial additives, tons of sugar, and little nutritional benefit.

What we created is based on quality ingredients that keep you satisfied, keep away the hunger monster, and actually better your health.

And we wanted a bar that we could feel so good about that we would gladly send it with our kids to school.

And that’s why we created our All-Day Energy Bars.

Our first bar – “Choco-Coco” – is a satiating, healthy fast food option that keeps you going for hours – no sugar comas or energy crashes.

Complete with a whopping 16 grams of fiber and 14 grams of protein to keep your tummy and metabolism happy for hours, you’ll enjoy every delicious, guilt-free bite of this dark chocolate and coconut infused All-Day Energy Bar.

The All-Day Energy Bar Difference
(aka. Why Ours Are Better)


No Junk

Let’s be honest – most energy bars are nothing more than glorified candy bars. While positioned as healthy, these fat-loss and health-derailing nightmares are full of simple sugars, rancid fats, artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

Ingredients like corn starch, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, soy protein isolate, fractionated palm kernel oil, or high-oleic safflower oil – and the list goes on and on – have no business being in your body.

These man-made additives are some of the worst things you can put into your body if your goal is to lose or maintain weight, have more energy, and improve your health. Not only do they wreak havoc on your blood sugar, hormones, and cardiovascular health…

…They can outright stop fat loss dead in its tracks, leaving you wondering why, despite all your efforts to eat healthy, your body fat stores just won’t seem to budge.

You’ll be happy to know that our All-Day Energy “Choco Coco” Bar is packed with only high quality, whole food ingredients that actually improve your energy, better your health, and make losing weight easier.

SOY FREE?……………..YES!

A whopping 16g of fiber which helps keep you full longer so that you don’t get hungry and succumb to bad food choices. It also soaks up and eliminates dangerous toxins and chemicals from your body.

14g of plant-powered protein so that your tummy is satisfied for hours and your metabolism is supported to keep burning fat all day long.

Numerous studies remind us that protein is the ultimate appetite suppressor and that it helps decrease uncontrolled calorie intake. Both factors help you keep the weight off.

Only 6g of sugar so that your blood sugar won’t soar through the roof and force your body’s fat storing hormone – insulin – to pack on the pounds.

In fact, since our Choco-Coco bar provides nearly 3x as much fiber as sugar and is high in protein – 2 factors that lower blood sugar response (or glycemic load) – you can enjoy it guilt-free and even give it to your kids as a healthy school-time snack.

Delicious coconut and dark chocolate taste. Let’s be honest – most energy bars either taste like glorified candy or chalk. Our Choco-Coco does not. We spent months perfecting it so that it was not only healthy but shockingly delicious. Try it and see for yourself.

Gluten, Dairy, and Soy Free so that you can finally enjoy a wholesome on the go snack without having it trigger allergic reactions and ruining your health.

Just a Few of The Whole Food Ingredients That
Make Our “Choco-Coco” Energy Bars
So Good For You

ChicoryChicory Root Fiber

Chicory is a perennial herb whose root has been used for centuries mainly for its high amounts of inulin, a form of soluble fiber. Inulin is also categorized as a prebiotic as it prevents constipation and helps maintain a healthy balance of “good” bacteria in the colon. Since it also increases the flow of bile, chicory root fiber naturally supports the digestion of fats and is speculated to be of great value to the health of the liver and gallbladder. (1)

Adding chicory root to the diet has also been shown to significantly increase antioxidant levels in the blood (2), which help fight off free radical damage and aid in keeping us young and healthy.

Chicory root fiber has been called a “natural statin” due to its ability to help lower cholesterol for those already in a healthy range. (3) With just one “Choco-Coco” bar a day you could keep the doctor away ☺.

Chia seedsChia seeds

Chia seeds are one the best sources of high quality fiber, healthy omega-3’s, and protein, which means that they help keep you full longer. This is important as increasing protein intake reduces appetite and has been shown to reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60% and the desire for night-time snacking by 50%. (4, 5)

Since chia also absorbs liquids and expands, it does a great job at holding things together within your Choco-Coco bar, which means it won’t crumble away as you eat it.

Chia seeds are also high in antioxidants, which help protect the delicate omega-3 fats in the seeds. They also fight off dangerous free radicals, which can damage molecules in cells and contribute to ageing and diseases like cancer. (6)

Given that chia seeds are high in fiber, protein, and Omega-3s, some studies have shown that they may also reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, reduce inflammation, and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. For these reasons, we’ve included chia seeds in this energy bar. Now, you benefit.

Ground FlaxseedsGround Flaxseeds

Many companies put whole flax seeds in their foods. You’ve probably seen flax seed-infused bread or cereals made with flax seeds. The problem though with these “sneaky foods” is that the human body cannot digest the whole flax seed – it’s too tough – which makes adding whole flax seeds to any formulation nothing more than a clever marketing ploy.
With our Choco-Coco bar we use ground flaxseeds so that your body can actually access its array of amazing nutrients. For instance, flax is the highest source of omega-3 fats in the plant kingdom. These omega-3 fats are critical for lowering deadly inflammation in the body and supporting your heart and brain.

Flax seeds are also the highest source of lignans, which are fiber-like compounds that also provide antioxidant benefits. As such, they help remove waste from your body and help protect your cells from free radical damage. Ground flax seeds also have unique “mucilage”, which is a water-soluble, gel-forming fiber that can provide special support to the intestinal tract. This mucilage fiber also helps prevent rapid emptying of the stomach contents into the small intestine, thereby improving absorption of certain nutrients in the small intestine. They also fend off constant hunger by keeping you full longer.

The combination of omega-3 fatty acids, high-lignan content, and mucilage fiber is a key factor in the unique digestive and anti-inflammatory health benefits that you’ll get to enjoy from flaxseeds in our Choco-Coco bar.


Almonds are a nutritional powerhouse. Just one handful provides 30 grams of protein – which is about half of the daily protein requirement for most people. Its high protein content is likely one of the reasons that many studies have shown almond-enriched diets to assist in weight loss.

A study in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders revealed that among various groups of dieters, those eating almonds experienced a 62% greater reduction in their weight, 50% greater reduction in waist circumference, and 56% greater reduction in body fat compared to those on the low calorie, high carbohydrate diet! (7)

A 28-month study involving 8,865 adult men and women in Spain, found that participants who ate almonds at least two times per week were 31% less likely to gain weight. (8) Similar weight loss benefits have been substantiated by numerous other studies as well. (9)

More protein, keeping you full longer, and helping you lose weight are just reasons why our Choco-Coco bar includes both raw almonds and almond butter.

whole-grain-quinoaWhole Grain Quinoa

Quinoa is a gluten-free, high-protein, and high-fiber grain. As such it packs tremendous nutritional punch without the damaging effects of gluten. Its low glycemic index also means that it won’t send your blood sugar soaring (and thus stored as fat), which means it’s a terrific carbohydrate option for those with weight and blood sugar issues.

organic-rice-proteinOrganic Rice Protein

Considering that lactose intolerance affects nearly 70% of the world’s population, allergen-free rice protein provides a high quality source of protein for vegetarians and others who would rather avoid whey. And, a brand new double-blind study out of the University of Tampa has demonstrated that plant-based rice protein has identical benefits to dairy-based whey protein! (10) And without all the embarrassing bloating and gas issues that many people experience with whey.

Like other protein sources, rice protein can assist in weight loss, with the advantage of being very low in fat and low in calories. Studies have tied rice protein to fat loss and lowered cholesterol and recent research has also indicated rice protein can help with recovery and gains in muscle when taken after exercise.


Premium Quality Plant-Powered Protein

Another important point to consider when choosing a healthy energy bar is protein source and quality. The number one protein source used in energy and protein bars (and most packaged foods) is soy protein, one of the cheapest protein sources in the world.

The trouble with soy protein is that it contains powerful estrogen-mimicking compounds called phytoestrogens that have been linked to numerous health problems like PCOS in women and decreased testosterone levels in men.

The second most common protein used in bars is whey protein. Although whey protein can be a good protein source for some people, many people report gas, bloating, and even cramping when consuming whey. Additionally, some studies have shown that whey supplementation unfortunately increases insulin levels in the blood.
And since a brand new double-blind study out of the University of Tampa has demonstrated that plant-based rice protein has identical benefits to dairy-based whey protein (without all the embarrassing bloating and gas that can occur with whey)…

…We decided to pack our bars with this 100% high quality plant-based rice protein to avoid these issues. Our Choco-Coco bar also provides protein from its almond, almond butter, and chia seed content.

Unlike other brands, we would never sacrifice protein quality to pad our profit margins with cheap soy protein or problematic whey. Nope. Not us.


Tastes So Good You’ll Think They’re Bad

What about the taste? Well, you’ll be happy to know that our Choco-Coco bars taste absolutely incredible while being made up of a very short list of premium quality and mostly organic ingredients.

Most other bars have to resort to a mile-long list of health-destroying fillers and artificial ingredients to even make their protein-bar creations edible.

Most energy and protein bars simply taste awful. And even the ones that are somewhat palatable are so because they are loaded with far more sugar than anyone should ever consume in one sitting. Just look at the comparison chart below for proof.

With most bars, you either feel like you’re biting into a chewy-gooey candy bar or require a liter of water to stomach their dry, crumbling chalkiness.

We love good food just as much as our health. When you combine both, you get our Choco-Coco bar. It’s very likely the tastiest (and healthiest) energy bar you’ve ever tasted.

Our Choco-Coco bars taste so good you’ll probably think they’re bad for you. But nothing could be further from the truth. So relax and enjoy them – guilt-free

Each All-Day Energy Choco-Coco bar is a large, ultra-convenient, and completely balanced meal that is hunger-soothing and nutrient-rich, while providing a super low glycemic load thanks to its high protein and fiber content so that it won’t spike your blood sugar.

Just one bar will satisfy your hunger and keep you energized for hours.

To show you that our All-Day Energy Bars are the best in the business…

Here’s How Our New Choco-Coco Energy Bar
Stands Up Against Other Similarly-Flavored Bars:

  Kind Bar
“Dark Chocolate
& sea salt”
“Nuts over
“Peanut Butter
chocolate chip”
Coconute Chew”
Quest Bar
“Chocolate Chip
Cookie Dough”
Energy Bars

High Protein
(12g or more
per bar)
High Fiber
(10g or more
per bar)
Less Than
6g of Sugar
No Artificial

Your Convenient and Guilt-Free Solution
To Never Relying on Fast Food Ever Again

If you’re on the go and want a high-quality snack to enjoy in between meals instead of a fattening morning muffing or energy draining bagel, then open up one of your Choco-Coco bars and enjoy. If you just need a little something something then eat half of the bar and save the other half for your next snack.

It’s as easy as that.

With our money-saving packages below, you’ll see that our bars cost you less than what you’d pay for a fattening fast-food cheeseburger, while ensuring that you get a fast a high-protein, high-fiber meal that keeps you satisfied and energized for hours.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t again mention once again that our Choco-Coco All-Day Energ Bars taste just as good as their nutrition profile.

As I mentioned earlier, Amy and I love great-tasting food just as much as we love our health. And we ensure that both of these elements are never compromised within any foods or recipes that we develop.

You’ll feel the same way once you take a bite of your Choco-Coco bar.

And the best part is that…

You’re Backed By Our 1-Year “Try It And Love It
Or Your Money-Back” Guarantee

money-back If, for any reason, you don’t feel these convenient, energy bars don’t live up your taste buds’ expectations, don’t worry because you’re always protected by our 1-YEAR 100% “try it and love it or your money-back” guarantee!

That means you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except, of course, your hunger pangs and unwanted belly fat that will only continue to grow without convenient nutrition on your side.

To have your Choco-Coco bars shipped right to your front door, simply select your money-saving package below and then click “Add to Cart.”

Don’t let a busy lifestyle and that darn hunger monster sabotage your healthy eating or your waistline ever again. Instead, request your All-Day Energy Bars below and begin enjoying guilt-free, delicious nutrition today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many boxes of the “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars should I order?

Answer: Each box contains 12 bars. If you have just one bar per day you’d want to have at least 2 boxes per month so you don’t run out. If you have a family, then you may want to stock up on our three or six box money-savings packages. These packages allow you to take advantage of our lowest possible prices today without the worry of increasing prices and/or additional shipping fees later. And this will also ensure that you never run into the problem of having to sacrifice your nutrition and health goals by settling for fast food or processed junk when you’re on the go.

How many bars come in a box?

Answer: Each box of “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars contains 12 large (65g), individually wrapped high protein, high fiber energy bars. Most other companies either put fewer bars in each box or provide 12 bars that are much smaller in size (usually 45g). With our bars, you get the best bang for your buck and ensure that each bar fills you up and keeps you energized for hours.

What are the exact ingredients in these bars?

Answer: Ingredients :
Chicory Root Fiber
Brown Rice Syrup
Organic Coconut
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Almond Butter
Organic Whole Grain Quinoa
Dark Chocolate Chips (vegan, unsweetened)
Organic Cocoa
Organic Chia Seeds
Organic Vanilla Extract
Ground Flaxseed
Sea Salt

When’s the best time to eat these bars?

Answer: Since each bar provides a healthy number of calories, fiber, and protein, you can use it as a meal replacement if you’re on the go. You can also enjoy a bar after a workout or simply as a sweet treat when you’ve got nothing in your fridge. There is no WRONG way to incorporate this into your healthy eating plan. At just 260 calories, 14 grams of protein, and 16 grams of fiber, these bars can serve as a great mini-meal or snack.

Are there any allergy concerns with these bars?

Answer: Our “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars do contain almonds. The bars are also gluten, soy, and dairy free and not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. As a general disclaimer, since they are processed in a facility with other food ingredients trace amounts of wheat, peanuts, egg, soy, and milk may be present.

Are these bars safe to eat daily and over the long term?

Answer: Absolutely! These 100% all-natural bars are real food. Grabbing a breakfast sandwich or muffin at Starbucks is certainly not a good idea on a daily basis. Our “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars give you have a better, healthier option

How long do All-Day Energy Bars keep their fresh-made taste?

Answer: Since we use fresh ingredients and no preservatives in our bars, their shelf is roughly 6 months. After, the bars won’t magically spoil. It simply means that they will not retain their optimal fresh taste and texture.

How will these bars be shipped to me and how quickly?

Answer: We will ship your order directly to your home or office using USPS (for US customers) and you will have it within 5 to 7 business days. If you live outside the United States count on 7-10 business days to be safe.

Is it safe to order online from this web site?

Answer: Yes. We use a 256-bit secure ordering server that is Norton Secured so you are protected the same as if you were ordering from or any other trusted Web site.

What if I don’t like the bars after trying them?

Answer: We’d frankly be surprised since almost everyone who has tried these “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars are floored by how delicious and healthy they are. But, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with them, just let us know and we will refund you without question. You’re always protected by our 1-YEAR “Try It And Love It Or Your Money Back” Guarantee.

You’re Backed By Our 1-Year “Try It And Love It
Or Your Money-Back” Guarantee

money-back If, for any reason, you don’t feel these convenient, energy bars don’t live up your taste buds’ expectations, don’t worry because you’re always protected by our 1-YEAR 100% “try it and love it or your money-back” guarantee!

That means you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except, of course, your hunger pangs and unwanted belly fat that will only continue to grow without convenient nutrition on your side.

To have your Choco-Coco bars shipped right to your front door, simply select your money-saving package below and then click “Add to Cart.”

Don’t let a busy lifestyle and that darn hunger monster sabotage your healthy eating or your waistline ever again. Instead, request your All-Day Energy Bars below and begin enjoying guilt-free, delicious nutrition today.


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